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Nearly a quarter of a million motor vehicle collisions occur in Florida every single year. The vast majority of those collisions result in personal injury. Many thousands involve fatalities. The single greatest cause of these injuries and fatalities is careless driving. That simply means the other driver failed to use reasonable care. When the other driver fails to use reasonable care, he or she is legally responsible for all damages caused by that carelessness.

However, the process can be complicated. Because Florida is a no-fault state, all the initial claims are processed thru you own auto insurance company under what is known as personal injury protection insurance (PIP). Often your own insurance company will not want to pay those PIP claims. Mr. Asencio is very experienced in the handling of disputed claims for PIP benefits.

Causes of accidents in Florida (besides drug and alcohol impaired driving) which demonstrates carelessness can include:

  • Sleep deprived drivers
  • Cellular phone use (& texting) while driving
  • Aggressive drivers and road rage
  • Elderly or infirm drivers
  • Inexperienced and youthful drivers
  • Road design and faulty road maintenance
  • Road debris left by other vehicles

Mr. Asencio aggressively pursues your legal rights in auto accidents and DUI crashes to recover both from your own insurance company and from persons or companies whose carelessness caused your losses. This can include payments for your medical expenses, lost wages, loss of the essential services you used to provide to your household without any charge, pain and suffering and loss of the enjoyment of life caused by your injuries.

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Immediate family members can also seek justice when carelessness results in wrongful death of a loved one. The wrongful death does not have to be the result of a crime. Such damages can include loss of support and services as well as the mental pain and anguish of losing the loved one. However, the time limits to pursue such claims are short (most wrongful death claims must be brought in 2 year or less depending on the circumstances).

Mr. Asencio is a board certified civil trial lawyer who ONLY represents the victims of auto accidents and DUI crashes, and has NEVER represented DUI drivers for any reason. He has represented clients in all state and federal courts in Florida for more than 29 years in personal injury and wrongful death cases.

If you or a loved one requires professional legal services as an Auto Accident, DUI Crash, or Auto Related Wrongful Death Victim, be proactive in protecting your legal rights by seeking the legal advice of experienced legal counsel.

Contact Auto Accident Injury and DUI Crash Victim Attorney, Diego C. Asencio at 561.844.0840 to schedule a confidential legal consultation.

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